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Spring is here!

If you are like us, we are warming as a general rule. That said, here in Nebraska we can be 70 degrees one day and have 18 inches of snow the next and then go right back to the warm weather. You just never know. It means that we seldom put away our wool wear. I see new buds and bulbs are pushing their way to the surface so it must be time for spring things.

One of the spring things is to get some items cleared out. Make sure to check out the clearance section for some great deals on books and patterns. I need to make room in my inventory space for new yarns and fibers and I cannot do that if we have things taking up space. There are some really great patterns and fun books in there!

The other spring thing is the schedule! At this point things are pretty tentative what with the COVID-19 going on everywhere. I am seeing most of the larger events getting canceled. I am hoping that by the time my events come along we are past the worst of this, but it isn't looking good.


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