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Holidays are upon us!

Can you believe it is mid-November already? I sure can't. Time sure seems to be travelling faster than ever before. I've wrapped up Fall classes for the year. We have a collection of new sock knitters, mittens are ready for the winter weather that is upon us and the cowls should be just about done in time for Christmas. Because life gets crazy I won't hold classes again until sometime after the New Year (2020 folks!). 

For upcoming classes I will be running a spinning class and a variety of knitting technique workshops. I'm hoping to kick off weaving classes too.

A couple of other things having to do with wool and fiber are in the works. I am a firm believer in supporting our local producers so those projects have to do with that. I am not sure of exactly how these are going to look just yet so I don't want to say too much until I have a better idea. 

And last but not least...2020 ya'll! I can't believe it. Have you thought about those resolutions yet? I tend toward goals and a review of the previous year as opposed to resolutions. Do you have things you want to learn to do in 2020? How about things you want to make? My list is growing.

Happy Holidays! I hope you get some lovely time to hygge and enjoy the perfect season for crafting and making.


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