African Market Baskets

African Market Baskets are one of our most popular items.  These baskets are handmade in Bolgatanga, Ghana, and proceeds are used to provide education and healthcare to over 1,000 villagers and their children.

Each basket is handmade from Elephant Grass, a river grass local to Bolgatanga.  Every basket is a unique pattern and color, and because every basket is handmade, they will vary a bit in size and shape.  We are always excited when a new shipment arrives because the colors are beautiful and bold, and there is always something new.

Shaping Your Basket
Flattened Baskets
Sometimes we need to flatten a basket for shipment, but don't worry, they are easy to reshape.

  1. Place your basket in the sink or bathtub.
  2. Wet the basket with water on both sides.
  3. Shake off the water and place on a flat surface for shaping.
  4. Press the basket into its original shape and allow to air dry.